Check These Bengali Restaurant Near Apollo Chennai

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Chennai is famous for its unique culture like Jallikattu, Pongal, Temples, Rajinikanth, Bharatnatyam, Chettinad Food, and many more thing are very famous. It is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is a popular tourist destination and it draws the attention of many visitors including international patients. It is located on the Coromandel Coast outside the Bay of Bengal. In this blog, we will tell you about the Bengali restaurant near Apollo Chennai. It is well connected by road, rail, air, and sea. It has an international airport and seaport.


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Here Is The List Of Bengali Restaurants Near Apollo Chennai



  • Swiss Hutte restaurant: This is the nearest restaurant to Apollo Hospital Chennai. Chennai. The distance from the hospital is 0.8 km.


  • KTDC Rain Drops Hotel Restaurant:  This restaurant is just 230m away from the Apollo Hospital.


  • New Annapurna restaurant: This restaurant is also famous for pure veg thali and it is near to the Apollo Hospital.


  • Hotel Brahmaputra Restaurant: This restaurant is near to the Apollo Hospital and they provide rooms if anyone want to stay.


  • Savoury Sea Shell Restaurant: This is a very famous restaurant in the local area as it offers many other things and it is just 850 meters away from Apollo Hospital Chennai.


  • Kabab Corner: It is just 450m from Apollo Hospital Chennai. This restaurant is very famous for its different types of Kabab.


  • Apoorva’s Sangeetha Restaurant: It is a pure veg restaurant and it is 950m from the hospital.


  • Tibbs Frankie: This is a food stall that provides the veg and non-veg rolles and other fast food items. It is 1.06 km from the hospital.


  • Bfc Bigboy Fried Chicken: This restaurant is 1.08 km away if you use a vehicle and 1.03 km from the hospital if you choose to walk.


  • Rajalaxmi Snack Restaurant: This restaurant is within walking distance from Apollo Hospital. It is just 850 m away from the hospital. You will reach there in 11 minutes.


  • New Neela Bhavan: It is a vegetarian restaurant and you will reach there in 12 minutes by walk. This restaurant is  950m away from the hospital.


  • Rajdhani Punjabi Dhaba: It is 1.03 km away from the Apollo hospital and it is also a veg restaurant. This restaurant also provides AC and Non AC rooms.


  • Ponnusamy Hotel Restaurant: It is 2.06 km away from the hospital. This restaurant provides a different variety of veg and non-veg thalis.


  • Madras Darbar Restaurant: It is just 900m away from the Apollo hospital. You can reach there in 11 minutes.


If anyone is searching for a Bengali restaurant near Apollo Chennai then you can choose any of them.


Is Chennai Good Option For Medical Treatment?


Chennai offers a complete range of medical care treatment services. People come to this city for various types of surgical and non-surgical treatment. If you are looking for medical treatment in Chennai then you have come to the right place. The following is a list of top hospitals in Chennai that provides the best medical treatment:


  • Top Cancer Treatment in Chennai: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Aravind Hospitals, Cancer Hospitals in Chennai, Srinivasa Cancer Centre, KIMS Cancer Centre, Adyar Cancer Institute, Global Hospital, Nandanam Cancer Care, Jai H Siddhartha Cancer Hospital, Apollo Cancer Hospital, Fortis Malar Hospitals, etc.


  • Top Orthopedic Hospital in Chennai: Chennai Hospital, Dr.Ramachandran Hospital, Vijaya Hospital, Apollo Aravind Hospitals, etc.


  • Top Dental Hospitals in Chennai: Sri Chakra Memorial Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Aster CMI Hospital, Madras Medical Mission, etc.


  • Top Paediatric Hospital in Chennai: Aravind Eye Care, Vijaya Hospital, Children Hospital Chennai, Apollo Children Hospital, etc.


  • Top Neurological Hospital in Chennai: Apollo Neuro Centre, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Kamineni Hospitals, etc.


  • Top Fertility Clinic in Chennai: Adyar Cancer Institute, Global Hospital, Nandanam Cancer Care, Jai H Siddhartha Cancer Hospital, etc.


  • Top Heart Hospitals in Chennai: Global Hospital, Nandanam Hospital, Jai H Siddhartha Cancer Hospital, Aster CMI Hospital, etc.


  • Top Hospitals in Chennai: Global Hospital, Nandanam Hospital, Jai H Siddhartha Cancer Hospital, Aster CMI Hospital, Apollo Cancer Hospital, etc.


  • Top Laparoscopic Hospital in Chennai: J.K.Kesavamurthy Hospital, Global Hospital, Nandanam Hospital, etc.


  • Top Maternity Hospital in Chennai: Apollo Maternity Centre, Vijaya Hospital, etc.


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Is Chennai Medical Capital Of India?



Yes, Chennai is known as the medical capital of India. It is very advanced when it comes to modern-day medical facilities. According to the data 45 percent of health tourists from abroad arrive in the country and 30 to 40 percent of domestic health tourists.

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has emerged as a prominent destination for medical tourism due to its availability of well-equipped state-of-the-art healthcare centers. Tamil Nadu is popularly known for its healthcare facilities because it has some of the best state-of-the-art hospitals, which render quality healthcare services at affordable prices.


What Are The Medical Facilities In Apollo Hospital Chennai?


As we already told you about the Bengali restaurant near Apollo Chennai then you can choose any of them. Apollo Hospital Chennai provides various types of medical care treatment facilities. We know that these challenging times have brought many changes, at Apollo Hospitals one thing remained the same – Our commitment to the safety of our patients, their loved ones, and our staff.


What Are The Most Common Health Department In Apollo Hospital?



Apollo Hospital provides the most common health department. It includes:


  • Oncology


  • Cardiology


  • Orthopedics


  • Robotic Surgery


  • Nephrology


  • Neurology


  • Urology


  • Gastroenterology


  • Bariatric Surgery


  • Pulmonary


Choose Apollo Hospital Through GoMedii!


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