Is Your Child Getting Proper Nutrition? Know More About Childhood Nutrition

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Maintaining childhood nutrition is the initial step for a healthy body for the lifetime. There would be no such parent that would not be worried about their offsprings healthcare whereas nutrition is the essential necessities of a human body to thrive in a robust manner.


Proper nutrition in the childhood age builds the base for better health in the future that’s the optimum truth. In fact, through good food with sufficient nutrients not only helps in growing muscles and bones but also helps in promoting immunity system and strengthening of internal organs which is essential as well.




Different Age Group and Childhood Nutrition

An average human body keeps on growing in the whole life but the crucial duration begins from the primary stage of birth as a baby to the teenage which is generally from a few days to 16 years of age when the body needs most essential nutrients. Let’s understand thoroughly about the stages of childhood.


1. Baby

This stage begins from the birth to 6 months of age where the child is entirely depending on breast milk for nutrition, but as the baby becomes little older that is near or above 6 months they require another nutrient like iron and zinc which are not available in milk so strained fruits and vegetable are great option to start.



2. Toddler

This stage of the child lies between the age of 2-5 years where the children grow in a spurt and that’s the reason why this stage is extremely crucial and requires many essential nutrients to be consumed.


Toddlers are mainly preschoolers, hence, they are extremely active and curious about things which cause exhaustion of lots of energy and uncertainty in eating habits.


Calcium is the body’s major necessity so keep regular intake of milk and if not milk soy, tofu, sardines, and calcium-fortified orange juices, cereals, and oatmeal are the great option too. Also, do not compromise fiber and iron, keep sufficient dosage of both as well.



3. Gradeschoolers

This stage falls under the age category of 6-9 years where children develop likes, dislikes, and principles so feeding them food according to your choice is quite of chaos. It is better to analyze and understand the child and their eating habits and begin picking the nutrition-rich foods which are liked by the child.


Let’s say the child has sensitivity for animals but protein is important on the other hand so opt alternative foods like cheese, beans, milk and peanut butter. Also, keep an eye on the calorie intake of the child as obesity is very common at this stage.



4. Preteens and teens

This is the stage between 11-16 years of age where the puberty begins and the body of the child encounters multiple and significant changes rapidly. Whereas females suffer more due to mensuration cycle which causes inadequate eating habits and lack of interest in activities so there are many possibilities of troubles.


Also, bone and muscles start to build more rapidly which requires more amount of nutrients. Teenage childhood nutrition diet must contain calcium and protein in handsome quantity whereas females require more iron as well over calcium and protein.


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What are the Essential Childhood Nutrition Guidelines?

1. Make a schedule:

The major step towards leading a healthy lifestyle is to consume proper food at a proper time which implies on kids and adolescence as well. Parents must set a regulation of time on which the children will begin their meal which results in better growth and digestion.


2. Talk to them:

Exploring the children is the most necessary thing to make them eat good food and to explore you need to discuss their thoughts and choices as well. So, it is great if you take out time to just talk to the kids.


3. Monitor the kid:

It is very crucial that the eating process of the child must be observed properly so that you can seek the opportunities to understand the child more efficiently. Keep a keen eye on whether they are wasting food or eating nicely, and try to improve the habits according to the analysis.


4. Provide all the nutrition:

There are 9 essential nutrition that a child must consume in an adequate amount in order to get stable and progressing growth. Namely, they are protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin C, folate, fiber, iron, vitamin A, and calcium.




What are Some Childhood Nutrition Facts?

  • Healthy eating can easily decrease and even eliminate the risks of many chronical diseases in children like heart disease, dental problems, diabetes and lot more.
  • Inadequate and poor diet can cause energy imbalance and improper growth of the body. Whereas excessive calories intake can cause obesity in children.
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages are massively consumed by children which is an extremely bad habit for health as it decays bones and has almost null nutrition with excessive calories.
  • Empty calories from added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of daily calories for children.
  • Consuming a healthy breakfast helps in improving the cognitive function of the children. Cognitive function is the intellectual qualities of a child which are learning, reading, vocal fluency and memory.





Compromising the health of a child due to any kind of circumstance is not a justice to child’s life so one must maintain proper care and diet for the child so that they can consume all necessary childhood nutrition.

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