Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain!

Vaibhav Saxena

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Every other person must have been aware of the fact that excess of anything only causes negative impacts. Same implies in the case of superfoods, no matter how much nutritious and healthy they are if you tend to overeat them excessively and repeatedly, it is quite likely that superfoods can cause weight gain.


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Basically, superfoods are the foods majorly plant-based but can also be animal based which are considered to be extremely rich in nutrition and beneficial for the health. Foods like avocado, acai, kale, blueberries, and salmon are the few examples of the superfoods. Although overeating the underlying superfood can cause weight gain.




These Top  6 Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain


1. Avocado:


Avocadoes are rich with healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins which are in fact good for your body. But when it comes to overindulging in this fruits, it can affirmatively result in obesity and stomach problems. Also, eating avocado in excessive amount can lead to nutrient deficiency instead of nutrient sufficiency.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain



2. Nuts:


Healthy nuts are rich in fiber and proteins. You need fiber as it helps in digestion. But even eating a lot of fiber in large quantities can lead to some digestive issues like bloating, gas and diarrhea. Additionally, nuts are extremely rich in fats hence, overeating superfoods can cause weight gain as well.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain!




3. Cheese:


It is quite astonishing to learn that the savory cheese is one of the superfoods. Cheese is a healthy fat which helps in providing the body energy required for performing essential tasks. But the deliciousness of the cheese is the major problem as the majority of people begin including cheese in every other food like pizza, burger, soups, sandwiches and even salad. This overindulging causes overeating and weight gain ultimately.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain!



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4. Coffee:


Coffee is known for its quality to hinder the sleep as it is ideal to block sleep-inducing chemicals of the brain and boosting the adrenaline levels in the body. Moreover, coffee is seen to be used repeatedly and excessively by people in order to vanish the sleepiness and boost the work performance. But the caffeine which is the main element of the coffee can even cause a headache and throbbing pain in the body when taken excessively. Also, this superfood can cause weight gain as caffeine block the small vessels and causes deposition of fat.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain



5. Olive Oil:


Many people must have suggested you replace your regular cooking oil with olive oil as it is fat-free and harmless to the body. Did you know that olive oil is a superfood, and this superfood can cause weight gain because olive oil is rich with calories and if you rely on superfoods for better health and abort all the physical activities then you might encounter negative impacts? It is necessary to consume olive oil in moderation and practice physical activities regularly.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain




6. Salmon:


Salmon is a great superfood which is rich in nutrition like vitamins and iron. But salmon is also rich with fish oil and consuming excessive fish oil can lead in bloating and sickness. Ultimately, this superfood can cause weight gain due to overheating of the fish oil present in it.


Overeating These Superfoods Can Cause Weight Gain!







It is quite explanatory and proven that overeating superfoods can cause weight gain, so it is recommended to consume any food even superfoods in moderation. Also, consulting with a dietician is a no harm before jumping over a diet of any specific superfood.


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