Summer Season Tips for Health, Beauty, and Diet

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Summer season– the time of the year between April to July when the shiny shimmering sunshine reflects through our window pane to call us out to have fun.


However, chilling out in open bright day sunshine, listening to bird’s chirping with a watermelon mojito on the side table and absorbing all the summertime vibes is the greatest thing to do in the season.


Looking it from another perspective, this time also makes the environment all hot and dry, in fact due to large amount of pollution and global warming this heat becomes hazardous which arouses horrible conditions for us to survive and invites many health problems as well but there are some health and beauty precautions, tips and awareness one must know to stay healthy, fit and happy in this bright season of the year.



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5 Major Summer Season Health Hazards and Prevention:

This season is considered to be troublesome for health due to its nature of spreading diseases and infections rapidly and causing extreme heat and dryness in the environment which eventually causes many health problems in children as well as adults.


1. Dehydration:

During this scorching heat time, the body secretes a fluid called sweat through a process called Perspiration or in sweating in simpler words.


A normal human body tends to lose over 2-3litres of sweat per hour if exposed to direct sunlight which leads to scarcity of water in the body and dehydration eventually.


Dehydration causes faintness, headache, dizziness, weakness, and urgency to drink water, so keeping an easy access to water and avoiding a long time direct exposure to sunlight can be a successful remedy to this problem.



2. Heatstroke:

This problem occurs in the time of summer season when the heat is on the peak and you spend a lot of time exposed to sunlight. Heatstroke is the third serious stage which occurs after heat cramp and heat exhaustion where a human body encounters dizziness, increased heart rate, vomiting, nausea and even fever.


Heatstroke can even damage your brain and resist the blood flow so better prevent it by consuming plenty of water, avoiding long exposure to sun, wearing loose and light clothes, and by keeping body rich in nutrition.



3. Sunburn:

Sunburn in summer season falls under the first-degree burn category which can lead to major skin problems like melanoma which is a type of cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes. If you are receiving the constant sunburns, the risk of this skin cancer is highly increased.


Avoid too many direct contacts with sun and apply sunscreen with qualities to protect you from both UVB and UVA rays.



4. Food Poisoning:

Summer is the time for all the living organisms on the earth to wake up from hibernation and get active which applies to micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, and fungi as well.


While consuming food or fluid we can’t detect these micro-organisms through our naked eyes but they are present there and consuming them can cause stomach problems, diarrhea, and many other complications.


In order to prevent this problem avoid eating leftovers, wash your hands at regular intervals and do not consume any foreign strange food or fluid.



5. Insect Stings or Animal Bite:

Insects are strange and intimidating at the same time due to their vast variety of species and their nature. Insects are majorly active during the time of summer and their sting causes severe pain and itching as well.


So, stay aware of the kinds of insects that are found in your surroundings and apply ice and antiseptic cream on the affected area, if get stung.


Domestic animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, and horses are more aggressive during this season due to heat and exhaustion so, avoid messing with them and maintain some distance in case of finding wrongful intentions of the animal. In case of getting bitten, apply clean cloth on the area and seek professional help promptly.


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5 Major Summer Season Beauty Tips:

In this modern age, beauty is the prior concern for humans of all ages and genders. Summertime is one bad time for beauty cautious because it arouses many beauty complications that are burdensome to tackle. Find some effective beauty tips underlying:


1. Keep it Hydrated:

During the summer season, the body tends to release lots of fluid through sweating and skin cells get drained, which causes complications like acne, rashes and more so drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated and an arm’s length away from skin problems.



2. Use Sunscreen:

Nobody likes to have overtanned skin with burning sensation on it, also sunburn can lead to skin cancer so wear sunscreen with SPF30 (at least) which helps to cut out harmful sun rays.



3. Moisturise:

The way food nourished your body the same way moisturizers nourishes your skin well. Apply a good quality water-based moisturizer with rich vitamin E properties to slather it on your skin twice a day at least which will help you avoid skin erosion and dryness problems.



4. Take Care of Your Hair:

Summer causes dandruff and other hair problems occasionally so by using a good shampoo with cleansing properties as dust and pollution stick to your hair. Also, use deep conditioning after shampoo and nice combing to avoid any complications.



5. Makeup:

Use lighter shades and primer in summer season is a great way to go and avoid any makeup malfunction. Also, avoid makeup products because they can easily cause skin infections because of all sweat and oil in the skin.




What to Eat in Summer Season?

Food is something which settles to stay on the peaks priorities no matter what season or the weather it is, but there are some effective and essentials food items that should be present in your diet to lead a better summer lifestyle and enjoy the perks of these seasonal items.

  • Watery fruits (Watermelons, Tomatoes etc)
  • Coconut Water
  • Green Vegetables (Broccoli, zuchini, bottleground etc)
  • Curd
  • Mint
  • Berries





Summer season is the time of the year when the taste for beaches, BBQs and other adventures arouses in us but there are many health hazards as well so, we must follow essential tips and should stay aware.


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