What Are the Sign and Symptoms of CKD?

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The smooth functioning of a body can only take place if the body is detoxified and all the waste material is thrown outside. A major part of this system is taken care of by the Kidneys. It becomes important that any complications that are faced in relation to the well being of the organ are attended. One of them is Chronic Kidney Disease. Nephrologists are the doctors specialized in the treatment of health issues associated with kidneys. The name of the kidney disease specialist in Noida is Dr. Tarun Kaushik. You can click the link to book a free online appointment with him.

CKD results in lesser working capability of the Kidney and this further makes it dangerous for the human body. Let us give you the answer to the question, what are the symptoms of CKD?


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What are The Symptoms of CKD?


These chronic diseases have very subtle symptoms that you might not catch at first because they are common.


1) Fatigue:


one of the very common symptoms that might be a symptom of many other illnesses. Healthy kidneys make a hormone called erythropoietin responsible to signal the body form red blood cells.

When you have CKD, they make less EPO. With fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, the muscles feel tired. This is anemia, and it can be treated.


2) Feeling Cold:


This is no sign of paranormal activity. It is because of Anaemia that you feel cold. It happens even when you are in a really warm room.



3) Breathing Short:


Being short of breath has a connection as symptoms of CKD in two ways. First, due to the malfunctioning of the kidney extra fluid is collected. This is collected in the lungs. And second, the lesser production of red blood cells in your body results in shortness of breath.



4) Weak and Dizzy:


Due to the above-mentioned reason for anemia, you feel dizzy. This is because of the brain being deprived of the oxygen that is required. This can lead to feeling faint, dizzy, or weak. This is how you identify it as the symptoms of CKD.


5) Feeling Very Itchy:


Kidneys remove wastes from the bloodstream. When the kidneys fail, the build-up of wastes in your blood can cause severe itching. It is well known that more waste means more dirt, hence you do complain of severe itching.



6) Bloating and Swelling:


You might experience the swelling in areas like your foot and hands also ankles. Failing kidneys don’t remove extra fluid, which builds up in your body.


This might also time to time pain. Hence, if you see an abnormal swelling, you must see a doctor. This is a major symptom of CKD.


7) Too Much Urination:


Kidneys make urine, so when the kidneys are failing, the urine may change. How? You may urinate more often, or in greater amounts than usual, with pale urine. You may feel pressure or have difficulty urinating.


These kinds of issues should be treated carefully. Therefore, do not wait, rather, consult a physician near me to receive the best care.


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What are the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease?


There are about 5 stages of Chronic Kidney Disease depending on the amount of damage done to the Kidney.


  • 1st Stage: Slight or mild damage to your kidney. You might feel any sign or symptom at all in this case.


  • 2nd Stage: A mild damage and you might or might not feel any symptoms in this case.


  • 3rd Stage: In this case, kidney disease means the kidneys are moderately damaged and are not working as well as they should.


  • 4th Stage: This stage starts with severe damage and you get some symptoms regarding your kidney not working as they should.


  • 5th Stage: The final stage of failed and severe Kidney damage which can lead to an untimely death as well.



While the mentioned points are symptoms of Chronic Kidney disease, there some of the Indian scenario stats that make it a great concern of the country’s healthcare which should be given enough attention. In India, the healthcare side has been struggling to provide a system to help fight such chronic diseases. You can always have your doubts cleared on at our website.


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