What is a Cerebrum? Why Taapsee Pannu Tweet About Cerebrum?

Vaibhav Saxena

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It has been days that there are controversies related to health over the nation, firstly there was Shahid Kapoor and stomach cancer and now it is Taapsee Pannu and cerebrum. Although the rumor about Shahid and cancer turned out to be a hoax what is it inside the connection between Taapsee and Cerebrum? What is a cerebrum actually?

Recently, Taapsee, the young leading actress of Bollywood tackled a troll who asked her about the best part of her body, which she replied with “Cerebrum“.

What is a Cerebrum?

The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain which is responsible for various functionalities and vital systems of the human body. The cerebrum is one of the major parts of the brain which is divided into two parts, termed as a right hemisphere and left hemisphere. Depending on the size of the body, the cerebrum is situated majorly situated at the front or top of the brain stem.

Precisely, our multifunctional brain is divided into three major parts that are cerebrum, brainstem, and cerebellum. The human body is capable of performing multiple and major tasks like thinking logically and applying reasons in which cerebrum plays an important part. Also, the human cerebrum is one of the most advanced if compared with other animals.

What is the Cerebrum responsible for?

The cerebrum is the combination of multiple and various parts as well, the below functionalities of the cerebrum is the collective response of all the sub-parts of the cerebrum.

1. Senses: The parts of the cerebrum are responsible for sensing the perception of the world and transmitting to the whole body as quick as lightning and even faster.

2. Movement: The cerebrum has huge participation is controlling and motivating the motor movements of the body. Also, muscle strength is directed by this ‘trending on google’ body part as well.

3. Communication: Ever imagined that there are so many words and translations of every other language and how does a brain be capable of recapitulating it? It’s all with the help of cerebrum of the brain, it helps in recognizing and simulating the speech and words.

4. Memory: Cerebrum also plays an important and big role in remembering things which we observe as well as we concentrate. Hence, when we try to learn anything, it’s our cerebrum which is storing all the information.

Now, you are aware why did Taapse Pannu tweet about the part of the brain called cerebrum and how to tackle the unnecessary troll over social media. Also, the cerebrum is a crucial and important part of the brain and the human body so try avoiding damages to the brain and eat healthy food to keep it sharp just like Taapsee Pannu.

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