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Being overweight is not something one chooses to be. Yet, with the lifestyle of people around the world, it becomes difficult to control our unhealthy habits. Did you know that being overweight causes more harm than you knew? One such harm is back surgery for overweight people.


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We are sure it is a little confusing, and you might want to know more. We would tell you regarding the same, and meanwhile, you have any other treatment queries, go ahead and choose India as your destination, along with GoMedii as your treatment partner. Drop your query at our website or follow the read reviewed by Dr. Nomita, to contact us through WhatsApp and email.


Is there a back surgery for overweight patients?


As we mentioned, the overweight does not only make your clothes tighter or smaller, it affects your heart, your spine, and even your bones to some extent. Hence, yes back surgery for overweight patients comes into play when there is some effect of obesity on the spine or what we call the backbone.


What is back surgery for overweight patients?


Low back pain is a common condition and poses a significant burden to individuals and society. Globally, the median point prevalence of low back pain has been reported to be 15 %. This means that there is a significant presence of backpain as the condition and that it is as much as 15%. In most cases, the reason is the overweight of the patient.


When spine surgeries are done for obese patients, there a lot of factors that must be considered. Obesity is closely correlated with additional medical comorbidities including hypertension, coronary artery disease, and diabetes mellitus. The preoperative evaluation may be more difficult, as more extensive medical testing may be needed.


Adequate radiographic images can be difficult to obtain because of patient size and equipment limitations. Administering anesthesia becomes more difficult, as does proper patient positioning. After surgery, obese patients are at higher risk for wound infection and deep vein thrombosis. Nevertheless, appropriate clinical outcomes can be achieved in obese patients who undergo spine surgery. Obesity is not a contraindication for spine surgery. Patient selection is key in achieving favorable clinical outcomes.


Did you know Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is right for overweight patients?


Obesity can also affect diagnostic assessment for spine surgery. Patients who undergo spine surgery typically obtain multiple preoperative imaging studies.


These usually include plain radiographs and computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. The use of these studies contributes to accurate diagnosis and appropriate preoperative planning, but obtaining proper images in obese patients can be difficult.


MISS was developed to treat spine problems with less injury to the muscles and other normal structures in the spine. It also helps the surgeon to see only the location where the problem exists in the spine.


What is the procedure of MISS?


Get Back Surgery For Overweight Patients In India


MISS fusions and decompression procedures are performed in different ways. One of the commonly used techniques involves using a tubular retractor. During the procedure, a small incision is made and the tubular retractor is inserted through the skin and soft tissues down to the spinal column.


This creates a tunnel to the small area where the problem exists in the spine. The tubular retractor holds the muscles open and is kept in place throughout the procedure.


Any bone or disk material that is removed exits through the retractor, and any devices necessary for fusion — such as screws or rods — are inserted through the retractor. Some surgeries require more than one retractor or more than one incision.


In order to see where to place the incision and insert the retractor, the surgeon is guided by fluoroscopy. This method displays real-time x-ray images of the patient’s spine on a screen throughout the surgery. The surgeon typically views the important structures of the spine during surgery using a microscope.


Are there complications in back surgery for overweight patients?


Obesity just makes the surgery a little complicated. While these complications just might be surgical, there are very few chances of it doing any harm to your future of remaining healthy. However, no one can compensate except yourself when it comes to making changes in your life habits.


Problems may begin with the administration of anesthesia. Obese patients have a lower functional residual capacity, and patients with severely reduced functional residual capacity can experience premature airway closure and ventilation-perfusion mismatches leading to hypoxemia.


The result during induction of anesthesia is a shorter period of nonhypoxic apnea—the period between paralysis and intubation before hypoxia occurs. Furthermore, large tongues and narrow airways, common in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, may make securing an airway more difficult, and fiberoptic intubation techniques may be necessary.


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Where is back surgery for overweight patients available in India?


Let us tell you that in the past, a number of patients have come to India for treatment of the spine and in some of the cases it has been with those who also suffer from overweight problems. It thus becomes really important to select the right kind of hospitals for our international patients. Here are the following options in India:


Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital


It is a tertiary care hospital with a focus on providing world-class and holistic healthcare services. It has excellence in multi specialties to treat patients with respect, compassion, dignity, and ensuring their safety by complying with all legal requirements.


Kailash Hospital


The group of hospitals has state-of-the-art infrastructure, a large spectrum of clinical services, highly experienced and qualified professionals, dedicated staff, and a patient-friendly organizational culture.

Advances that have recently taken place, particularly in the field of medical science & technology, have changed the entire scenario. Serving the domestic as well as the international patient across the country, it is one the Best Hospital in India for International Travelers.


Jaypee Hospital


Situated at Noida, Jaypee Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Jaypee Group, which heralds the group’s noble intention to enter the healthcare space. This hospital has been planned and designed as a 1200 bedded tertiary care multi-specialty facility and has commissioned 525 beds in the first phase.

The Jaypee Group is committed to serving the cause of millions who seek dedicated quality and affordable healthcare through its multi-super specialty facility, the Jaypee Hospital.


Max Super Speciality Hospital


It is one of the premier names in the healthcare world. Providing assistance to not just the domestic but also the international medical tourists who visit India. This secures the position of the hospital as best hospitals which help medical tourist in India.

With the demand for high-quality and low-cost medical care increasing day by day, we at GoMedii are making an effort to cater to the most hospitable and high-quality services to our international travelers. Drop a query, and experience the best medical tourism service in India.


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