Food Plan for Gestational Diabetes: What Should You Eat?

Sonali Kapoor

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Is gestational diabetes happens only in pregnancy? Yes, It only happens in pregnancy. It usually develops between 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. Women may develop this diabetes for the first time during pregnancy or they might have a mild undiagnosed case of diabetes which gets worse when they get pregnant. While pregnancy, the way their body uses insulin changes. The hormone insulin smashes the foods they eat into glucose or sugar. Then that glucose is used as energy. Today we are going to discuss food plan for gestational diabetes and how these plans would be beneficial.


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What is Gestational Diabetes?


Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar which usually develops during pregnancy and generally disappears after giving birth. It happens if the body of the pregnant women cannot produce enough insulin, a hormone which helps to control blood sugar levels to meet the extra needs in pregnancy.


What is the Best Food Plan for Gestational Diabetes?


Basic healthy eating food plan for gestational diabetes:


1. Eat protein with every meal


2. Include daily fruits and vegetables in your diet


3. Limit or avoid processed foods


Pay attention to portion sizes to avoid overeating


If you have this diabetes, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet may help the ladies to manage their symptoms without needing medication. In general, their diet should include protein plus the right mix of carbohydrates and fats. Too many carbohydrates can lead to spikes in their blood sugar.


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Snacks and Meals


Here are some healthy choices for snacks and meals for the ladies who suffer from this diabetes in their pregnancy:


1. Fresh or frozen vegetables, especially ones which are steamed.


2. Eggs or egg whites


3. Oatmeal topped with berries


4. Fresh fruit


5. Skinless chicken breasts


6. Cup of pulses with every meal


7. Boiled beans and sprouts


8. Baked fishes


9. Popcorn


10. Almonds and walnut


11. Unsweetened yogurt


12. Vegetable soups


13. Protein drinks and smoothies


14. Salad and baked potatoes


15. Peanut butter


16. Cheese with veg salad


What Foods the Ladies Should Avoid in Gestational Diabetes?


Always keep in mind to avoid highly processed foods, like- white bread, and, in general, anything that has a lot of sugar. Consider the list mentioned below:


1. Fast food


2. Alcoholic beverages


3. Baked goods, like – muffins, donuts, or cakes


4. Fried food


5. Sugary drinks, like- soda, juice, and sweetened beverages


6. Candies


7. Very starchy foods, like- white potatoes and white rice


Taking care of your food habits can keep you and your baby in good health during pregnancy. However, for severe cases, there are medications available which should be guided by your doctor.




In the above article, we have discussed the food plan for gestational diabetes, and which food is good or bad in this diabetes. This diabetes will cure automatically once the mother gave birth. Also, do keep in mind to consult your doctor about your diet.


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