Try These 6 Home Remedies for Watery Eyes

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Eyes are like your mirror to the world. When they get affected, you tend to be disturbed. They also one of the delicate You must have seen people facing watery eyes. While you think they have a habit of crying, the cause can be entirely different. They might be suffering from infections that have caused an eye infection. Addressing this particular problem, we have brought home remedies for watery eyes.


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You might be surprised to see some of them that you might have in your daily routine.


Why Do You Get Watery Eyes?


Watery eyes can be due to many reasons. One of them can be blocked tear ducts which stop does not keep eyes healthy. The other one is also the uncontrollable production of tears. Eye-watering not necessary means that you are crying. Other reasons for watery eyes are as follows:



  • Infective conjunctivitis



  • An injury to the eye, which can be removed by warm water sprinkling.


  • Eyelashes grow inward called Triachiasis


  • Lower eyelid turns outward called Ectropion


  • Keratitis, an infection of the cornea


  • Corneal ulcer, an open sore that forms on the eye


  • Styes or chalazion, lumps that can grow on the edge of the eyelid



  • Dry eyes


  • Meibomian glands do not function properly



Home Remedies for Watery Eyes:


What is better than the remedies that you can get at your home? Well, we have some not so expensive remedies here as well.


1) With a Pinch of Salt:



The saltwater can very well be used to help you treat your eye infection. One of the easiest home remedies for watery eyes, saline water is similar to eye drops. The anti-mycobacterial properties help the eyes to cleanse properly.

This is also the cause of it able to treat the infection effectively. If one needs then it can also buy the sterile saline water from a pharmacy.


2) Tea Bags:


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You must know that your cup of tea is just not to make your body feel fresh. It even helps to give pleasure to your eyes. You must be finding it difficult to understand. The major reason behind it is the fact that some tea has anti-inflammatory properties. These can be chamomile tea, black tea or even green tea.


This might sound weird when talking about home remedies for watery eyes, but you can use it. We would, however, ask you to visit the eye doctor in case there is something serious. Ever guessed that tea could be one of the home remedies for watery eyes?


3) Warm Compresses:


How to get rid of eyelid twitching

In case your watery eye leads to swelling, there is a clean washcloth to your rescue. Warm compression with the cloth will help you tackle the swelling in a better way. It can be used as one of the home remedies for watery eyes.


One of the studies in 2012 said: ” that warm compresses can help those with blepharitis, a condition that involves the eyelid becoming inflamed and crusted.”

It’s important to note that, while warm compresses might provide relief, they can’t actually cure the condition.


Get the tips to use the warm compress:


  • Soak a cloth in warm water and apply it gently to your eye.
  • Warm water so you don’t burn yourself.
  • Make sure the cloth you use is clean, so you don’t expose your eye to more germs.



4) Get Some Chill?

Get Some Chill

Just like some cases might require warm compresses, others need cold compresses. And just like the earlier one, you cannot cure an infection of the eye with the help of it.
old compresses can reduce swelling in the case of eye injuries and infections.


Here are tips for making a cold compress:


  • Soak a cloth in cool water and gently apply it on your eye or eyes
  • You can also freeze a wet cloth in a sealable plastic bag for a few minutes before using it on your eyes
  • Don’t press down hard on your eye or put ice directly on your eye or eyelid


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5) Stay Away from Make- up:



Try These 6 Home Remedies for Watery Eyes, Stay Away from Make- up

We know this is a little disheartening for our ladies. But guess what, we hope you want your eyes to work well right? So in order to do that you must keep the eye makeup away. You must remember, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”


You should also discard your own eye and face makeup, and makeup brushes, if you used it while you had an infected eye. This ensures that you won’t re-infect yourself.



6) Honey:


Try These 10 Effective Home Remedies to Remove Cracked Heels This Winter, Honey


Some of the studies done have shown positive implications for the use of honey. There are scope and requirement of more and more studies to prove the point. Here are some points which actually help make claims stronger:


Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which could make it an effective home remedy for eye infections. A 2016 review of studies found that honey was an effective treatment for certain eye diseases.


One double-blind study showed that honey eye drops may be an effective treatment for keratoconjunctivitis. Keratoconjunctivitis is a chronic condition where the cornea becomes inflamed due to dryness.


Dry eye, a condition where the tear ducts don’t produce enough fluid to lubricate the eye. Even in this case honey eye drop has been recommended. A randomized, controlled study of 114 participants showed that honey eye drop helped to cure the infection and dry eye.


The problem with these studies is that they’re not peer-reviewed, and the risk of infection still outweighs any potential benefits. And remember, you should never put honey directly into your eye.



How to Prevent Watery Eye?


There are some of the preventive measures that we recommend you to take. It is a well-known saying that prevention is better than cure. So do follow some of them mentioned here. You must never forget that the eyes are the most important senses in your body, one should protect it better.


  • Do not touch your eyes directly.
  • Keep your hands clean by washing them regularly, especially after touching dirty surfaces.
  • If you use contact lenses, always clean them and store them correctly.
  • No sharing your makeup and makeup brushes with anyone.


The above-mentioned home remedies for watery eyes are only to be used when conditions are not serious. One should never joke or take eye problems lightly. For any further doubts, you can visit our website.


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