Spine Issues and Their Treatment By Dr. (Prof) Rahul Kaul | Department Head Orthopedics | Sharda Hospitals

A few days back, team GoMedii had an insightful session with Dr. (Prof.), Professor and Unit Head, Senior Consultant Spine Surgery & Orthopedics at Sharda Hospitals, Greater NOIDA. The session revolved around spine issues, red flags that you should look out for when to consult a spine specialist, and women’s spine health.


The session was full of takeaways and learnings. Keep on reading to know more!


Dr. Rahul Kaul started the session with a brief introduction where he touched upon certain professionals more prone to spinal injuries – IT professionals and sportspersons. He mentioned the leading cause of spinal issues today – Mechanical Pain. As we age, our spine changes. To be specific, degenerative changes. This process accelerates when the wear and tear is more due to activities like heavy lifting or too much work. Other reasons behind back pain include:


  • Major trauma leading to persistent back pain.
  • Infections like Spinal TB lead to weakness in limbs as they affect nerve tissues. If not treated on time, it can lead to disastrous consequences.
  • Joint inflammation, also called arthritis.
  • Tumor or cancer in the spinal region.
  • Mechanical pain, combined with old age, can aggravate back pain.


Dr Kaul touched upon a less-discussed topic – women’s health and spine. In females, the calcium levels are regulated by the menstrual cycle. But as they achieve menopause, rapid decline in bone mass occurs due to hormonal changes, leading to osteoporosis. The spine is one of the most affected areas here. Moreover, spinal compression also starts occurring due to a decline in bone mass, leading to back pain.


Why does Mechanical Pain Mainly occur in IT Professionals?


There are two primary reasons as to why mechanical pain occurs in IT professionals:


  • Abnormal posture and sitting in one place for long hours.
  • Degeneration of spinal muscles (that hold the spine).


What Red Flags One Should Look For That Indicate Issues With The Spine Health?


  • Progressively increasing neck or back pain.
  • Weakness starts in the upper limbs and then lower limbs due to compression of spinal nerves.
  • Bladder and bowel problems.


Dr. Kaul then explained the anatomy of our spine. Our spine consists of three parts – cervical (7 discs), thorax (12 discs), and Lumbar (5 discs). The cervical and lumbar areas degenerate faster due to more movement than the thorax.


There is one difference that Dr. Kaul highlighted – the difference between back pain and progressive back pain. While mechanical back pain can be managed with conservative therapies, progressive back pain generally requires surgical interventions.


How Can We Take Care Of Our Spine?


Dr. Rahul Kaul highlighted that not all spinal pain requires treatment. It can be managed with specific changes in their lifestyle and medicines at times, like:

  • Physical activity is essential to maintain the health of your spine. Aiming for a 5-minute walk every 45 minutes to 1 hour would be best. Create a routine where you would be walking/running/jogging for at least 4-5 km or covering 10,000 to 12,000 steps daily.
  • In the office, opt for ergonomic furniture. Use tools to raise the level of your screen so that you don’t have to stop.
  • Women start consuming calcium and Vitamin D supplements to compensate for the loss of bone mass due to menopause. 


Talking about treatments, Dr Kaul suggests endoscopic spine surgery for progressive back pain or nerve blocks if the pain is manageable.


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