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Remember when you picked something extremely heavy and had a pain in your side or abdomen? We are sure someone must have pointed out if it’s a hernia pain or not. However, you must be wondering exactly what is it? Hernia grows inside the body, and as it increases in size it can be very harmful.


As they grow they get more painful and can cause various dangerous health issues. But in the early stages, it can be cured easily, in this article we’re suggesting some hospitals for Hernia treatment in Delhi NCR.


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What is Hernia?


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A hernia occurs when an internal organ pushes out through the walls that contain it. Most hernias occur inside the abdominal cavity, between the chest and the hips.


The hernia is found in 75 to 80% are inguinal or femoral, 2% are ventral or incisional, and 3 to 10% are umbilical, affecting 10 to 20% of newborns, most of them disappear by themselves 5 years of age.
1 to 3% are other types.


Get Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR


Delhi has now become a medical tourism hub and it is now affordable to get hernia treatment in Delhi NCR if you choose GoMedii as your treatment partner. It is easy to contact us, you just need to drop your query!

What causes a hernia?


Femoral and Inguinal hernias occur due to weakness in muscles that might have been present since birth or gets weakened with age and repeated strains on the abdominal and groin areas. Such strain might come from physical obesity, exertion, frequent coughing, pregnancy, or straining on the toilet due to constipation.


Adults might get an umbilical hernia by being overweight, straining the abdominal area, after giving birth, and having a long-lasting heavy cough.


The cause of Hiatal hernias is not known, but as you get older weakness in the diaphragm, and problems in the abdomen could be a cause of hernia.


What are the symptoms of a hernia?


Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, symptoms of a hernia, Cost of Hernia treatment in Delhi NCR, Hospitals For Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, hernia diagnosed


If you are suffering from a hernia you may notice some changes and symptoms in your body, These symptoms include:

  • Swelling or bulge in the groin causing pain at the site of the bulge
  • Lump or bulge that could be pushed back in
  • A dull aching sensation
  • Feeling full or signs of bowel obstruction
  • Increase in the bulge size over time

What happens if a hernia is not treated?


Apart from umbilical hernias in babies, these will not disappear on their own. Hernias can grow over time and cause severe pain and leads to many harmful diseases.


Complications Inguinal or Femoral hernia include:


Obstruction (incarceration):


During this, a part of the intestine can stuck in the inguinal canal, vomiting, causing nausea, stomach pain, or a painful lump in the groin.




during this, a part of the intestine is trapped in a way then cuts off the blood supply. In this case, emergency surgery is needed or it can lead to various health issues and sometimes death.


How is a hernia treated?


Three types of hernia surgery can be performed:


Open surgery, During this surgery a cut is made inside the body where the hernia is located. The protruding tissue is placed back in the place and the weakened muscle wall is stitched back. Sometimes a type of mesh is implanted in the area to provide extra support.


Laparoscopic surgery is almost similar to open surgery. But, instead of cutting inside, a cut is marked to the outside of the abdomen or groin, and tiny incisions are made which allow the insertion of surgical tools to perform surgery.


During Robotic hernia repair, a laparoscope is used like laparoscopic and is performed with small incisions. With robotic surgery, the surgeon sits in the operating room and handles the surgical instruments from the console. Robotic surgery can be used for smaller hernias or weak areas, it can also be used to reconstruct the abdominal wall.


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How is a hernia diagnosed?


Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, symptoms of a hernia, Cost of Hernia treatment in Delhi NCR, Hospitals For Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, hernia diagnosed


Physical exam: During a physical exam, it is possible to see or feel a bulge where a hernia has occurred. In males, the doctor feels the area around the testicles and groin while the patient is asked to cough.


In a few cases, soft-tissue imaging like a CT scan can be used to accurately diagnose the condition. Need a diagnosis for Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, Contact us now!


Cost of Hernia treatment in Delhi NCR


The average cost of hernia treatment in Delhi NCR is approximate $800-$3700 USD.


Hospitals For Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR


GoMedii has associated with one of the best hospitals across the country which provide you with the best medical care. Some of the hospitals are as follows: 


  • Sharda Hospital
  • Saraswati Hospital
  • CK Birla
  • Subharti Hospital
  • Yatharth Hospital GS Hospital
  • Aarogya Hospital
  • JR Hospital
  • Madhu Hospital
  • Prakash Hospital Devnandini Hospital


GoMedii Gets Hernia Treatment Done In India


With GoMedii as your treatment partner, you can make the right choice of what kind of surgery might suit you, and what treatment would go the best with you. In such a case, you can always choose to get the best consultations from our doctors. Just  Drop your queries for Treatment For Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR via Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at connect@gomedii.com our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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