Change Your Life With Hydrocephalus Treatment In India

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Hydrocephalus is the build-up of fluid in the cavities of the brain. This fluid may be external and does not flow or get absorbed as it should. This leads to backup to blockages that put pressure on the brain. Since the brain is such a vital part of the body, a hydrocephalus condition can be extremely serious. Pursue the best Hydrocephalus Treatment in India through GoMedii.


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Hydrocephalus treatment is extremely expensive internationally, while not being available in many countries due to lack of proper medical care. This is why international patients from around the world favour Hydrocephalus Treatment in India. International patients can pursue world-class Hydrocephalus Treatment in India for a fraction of international costs.


India has made major strides in the quality of extensive, life-changing treatments in recent years. To ensure international patients receive quality treatment, GoMedii works hand in hand with some of the best hospitals and institutes in India. Experience the best in Hydrocephalus Treatment, as well as treatment for other conditions in India through GoMedii.


At GoMedii, we help countless patients from countries around the world including patients from Afghanistan, patients from Cambodia, patients from South Sudan, patients from Oman as well as Nigeria. Several patients from these countries have pursued a successful Hydrocephalus Treatment in India through GoMedii.


What Is Hydrocephalus?

Change Your Life With Hydrocephalus Treatment In India

Hydrocephalus is a term for “water in the brain”. When cerebrospinal fluid builds up around the brain and in the skull, it is known as Hydrocephalus. In this condition, cerebrospinal fluid doesn’t flow or absorb normally, leading to blockages and pressure on the brain and skull.


70% of the human body is comprised of water. This includes blood and fluids that flow around the body, including cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. The human skull is filled with a fluid that surrounds the brain’s folds and lobes. This cerebrospinal fluid, protects the brain from injuries and has nutrients and proteins that help keep it healthy and working.


Cerebrospinal has major importance in the human body, primarily the spine and skull. Cerebrospinal fluid is responsible for:


  • Allowing the heavy brain to float within the skull


  • Removing waste products of the brain


  • Flowing back and forth between the brain cavity and spinal column to regulate pressure in the brain.


Hydrocephalus is most common in really young infants or in adults older than 60, but it is possible to develop the condition at any age. Hydrocephalus cannot be cured, but with early diagnosis and treatment, it’s effects can be managed to lead a normal life.


What Are The Symptoms of Hydrocephalus?


Hydrocephalus symptoms vary based on the age of the patient and whether they’re an infant or an adult. Based on these parameters, the symptoms are listed below.


In infants, the symptoms are inclusive of:


  • A large head that increases in size quickly


  • The soft spot on top of a baby’s head is firm or bulging


  • Downward focused eyes


  • Crankiness or irritability


  • Vomiting or poor feeding



  • Poor muscle tone and strength


  • Less responsive to touch


  • Poor growth


Below are the symptoms of hydrocephalus that manifest in toddlers and young children:



  • Downwards focused eyes


  • Blurry vision


  • Unusually large head


  • Sleepiness or low energy


  • Nausea or vomiting


  • Bad balance or coordination


  • Lack of appetite


  • Seizures


  • Peeing often or loss of bladder control


  • Crankiness or change in mood


  • Change in personality


  • Trouble to do well in school


  • Delays or problems in already acquired skills, such as walking and talking


Below are the symptoms of hydrocephalus in adults who are younger than 60:


  • Headaches



  • Poor balance or coordination


  • Loss of bladder control


  • Changes in vision


  • Memory problems of lack of concentration


Below are the symptoms of hydrocephalus in adults aged 60 or older:


  • Loss of bladder control


  • Memory loss


  • Problems in processing skills


  • Poor hand-eye coordination



  • General slowing of movements


What Causes the Need For Hydrocephalus Treatment?



There are a few main underlying conditions that can lead to Hydrocephalus. In most cases, one of these causes will be behind the hydrocephalus build-up in a patient.




Tumors, cysts, birth defects, and other objects in the brain can block or affect the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid.


Poor Fluid Absorption


Inflammation, injuries, or infections like bacterial meningitis can keep brain tissues from taking in cerebrospinal fluid.


High Fluid Levels


In rare cases, the body makes more cerebrospinal fluid than the brain can handle. This may also have underlying causes.


Types of Hydrocephalus Conditions


There are several types of hydrocephalus conditions, these are listed below.


Congenital Hydrocephalus


In this condition, the patient is usually an infant who is born with hydrocephalus.


Compensated Hydrocephalus


In this condition, the hydrocephalus appears in the early life of the infant patient, sometimes even before birth. However, this condition doesn’t cause symptoms until later in life.


Acquired Hydrocephalus


In this condition, the hydrocephalus has been caused by a tumor, cyst, head injury, or a brain infection. Essentially, an external factor has led to the hydrocephalus build-up.


Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus


In this condition, the build-up manifests in older adults and leads to a swelling in the small, open areas of the brain but without any change in pressure.


Some experts refer to hydrocephalus as either “communicating”, meaning the cerebrospinal fluid is flowing freely or “non-communicating”, which is when there is a blockage.


Diagnosing a Hydrocephalus Condition for Surgery


Diagnosis for Hydrocephalus begins with a physical examination where the doctor asks about the patient’s symptoms, then recommends tests to look for signs of hydrocephalus. Tests may include:


Neurological Exam


To check muscle strength, reflexes, coordination, balance, vision, eye movement, hearing, mental functioning, and mood.




Using sound waves to create an image of the inside of the body.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


A scan that uses powerful magnets and radio waves to make detailed images of the brain.


Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan


A series of X-rays taken from different angles are put together to make a more complete picture of the brain.


Spinal Tap


A doctor inserts a needle into the lower back in order to remove and test some of the cerebrospinal fluid.


Intracranial Pressure Monitoring (ICP)


A small monitor that when inserted into the brain, measures how much swelling there is.


Fundoscopic Exam


A test that looks at the nerve behind the eye to see if swelling is present.


This series of tests are perfect and most commonly used for diagnosing the presence of hydrocephalus build-up in patients. Once the diagnosis is confirmed using these tests, doctors proceed with the treatment of the patient based on their medical history and the best possible approach.


Treating the Hydrocephalus Condition


If mild symptoms are present, the patient may not need treatment. If the symptoms are serious, the doctor will recommend surgery to insert a flexible plastic tube called a shunt into the patient’s brain to redirect the cerebrospinal fluid into another part of the body. The shunt typically isn’t ever removed, and regular checkups are important to make sure it’s working.


In some cases, hydrocephalus can be treated without using a shunt. One type of surgery, endoscopic third ventriculostomy, opens a pathway in the patient’s brain so the fluid can flow freely. Another type of surgery closes off the part of the brain that makes cerebrospinal fluid.


Many people with hydrocephalus find help through therapy and education. Specialists may provide:


  • Therapy to help children and adults with life skills


  • Developmental therapy to help children learn social behaviors


  • Special education for learning disabilities


  • Dementia care


Through the management of the condition and through surgeries such as a shunt implant, patients with hydrocephalus can easily manage their condition and lead normal lives.


Hydrocephalus Risks and Complications


As with any major and intensive surgery, hydrocephalus treatment may present certain complications post-surgery. It is necessary to avail of medical assistance right away if any complications manifest post-surgery.


Complications of the shunt system can occur when the shunt is blocked and stops working or when an infection occurs. This can cause cerebral spinal fluid to build up again. Signs and symptoms may include:


  • Headache


  • Double vision or sensitivity to light


  • Nausea or vomiting


  • Soreness of the neck or shoulder muscles


  • Seizures


  • Redness or tenderness along the shunt tract


  • Low-grade fever


  • Sleepiness or tiredness


  • Return of hydrocephalus symptoms


In the case of an endoscopic third ventriculostomy, the most common complication is when the pathway created by the surgery closes and it leads to infection. Signs of such a complication include:


  • Fever


  • Bleeding


  • Short-term memory loss


  • Temporary problems with the endocrine system, which regulates hormones


If any previous symptoms of hydrocephalus appear again, it’s a sign of a complication. Other things to look for include:


  • Trouble waking up or staying awake. Get urgent care for this symptom because it may lead to a coma.


  • Swelling or redness along the shunt tract


  • Prominent scalp veins in babies


With state of the art neurology and medical services in India, rest assured that your medical team will consist of the best neurosurgeons and doctors. These doctors along with GoMedii, work hand in hand to provide patients with state of the art Hydrocephalus Treatment in India at affordable costs.


For more information, get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Hydrocephalus Treatment In India for just $20 USD. Drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724). You may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hydrocephalus Treatment Cost in India


International patients can pursue world-class Hydrocephalus Treatment at affordable costs in India. This is what makes India a prime medical tourism location, thanks to world-class care being offered at such pocket-friendly prices. Through GoMedii, international patients can Hydrocephalus Treatment in India for roughly $2000-3000 USD*.


Visiting India, the patient can expect a stay in the hospital for 4-5 days, and in India, roughly 9-10 days, and must plan their trip accordingly.


Tests recommended by doctors for the treatment include MRI, CT scan, blood and urine tests, and vision tests.


Patients can expect an over 95% rate of success in hydrocephalus treatment in India, depending on the extent of the condition.


*Costs can vary based on the patient’s condition and specialized requirements.


Hydrocephalus Treatment in the Best Hospitals in India


India is today one of the most desirable destinations for medical tourism. This is because India provides exceptional healthcare when it comes to various medical conditions, including Hydrocephalus Treatment. With the best treatment hospitals and specialists being based in India, it is a great treatment option for international patients.


The best doctors and institutes in India work hand in hand with us at GoMedii, to bring international patients world-class medical care. Expect affordable care with names such as:


 Medanta Hospital


Change Your Life with Hydrocephalus Treatment in India


Max Hospitals


Change Your Life with Hydrocephalus Treatment in India


 Fortis Hospitals


Change Your Life with Hydrocephalus Treatment in India


Apollo Hospitals


Change Your Life with Hydrocephalus Treatment in India


And more! These are the best names in healthcare working closely with GoMedii, to bring you the best medical care possible.


Why Pursue Hydrocephalus Treatment in India Through GoMedii?


Medical care in India has seen significant strides in recent years. Apart from being technologically and medically advanced, extensive medical and healthcare is now significantly more affordable compared to international costs. International patients can take advantage of India’s state of the art healthcare and efficiency in extensive treatments, through GoMedii. GoMedii is helping international patients as not only a medical tourism partner but a medical treatment partner as well.


Technically challenging and less invasive surgeries are now available in India thanks to major pioneers, talented healthcare professionals, and surgeons in extensive medical procedures.


Healthcare reforms in India have made state of the art medical care much more accessible for international patients. GoMedii works hand in hand with the best hospitals, institutes, clinics, and professionals to provide international patients with the treatments they need, quickly and at the most affordable costs.


GoMedii is the go-to medical treatment partner for many international patients. This is because GoMedii, unlike its competitors, helps its family of international patients every step of the way. From initiating their treatment process in India, assisting with medical visas and paperwork, to booking accommodation, GoMedii does it all for their patients.


From the moment the patient decides to avail GoMedii’s services, the patient doesn’t have to worry about a single requirement. All the patient needs to do is come to India and avail of treatment. Even post-treatment, GoMedii goes above and beyond to ensure patients take the necessary follow up appointments, medications and even takes care of the patient’s return trip.


To know more, get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Hydrocephalus Treatment in India for just $20 USD. Drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724). You may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Journey to India for World-Class Hydrocephalus Treatment


Traveling to India from another country for medical treatment requires a number of documents to be provided. This includes certificates, medical reports, permits, and other such requirements.


Apart from the standard requirement for documentation like the visa application form, passport, doctor’s certificate, medical invitation letter, and reports, there are certain other formalities that are required to be fulfilled. These documents will help international patients with official requirements so they may have a smooth journey to India.


Here is what is involved in your journey to India for Hydrocephalus Treatment through GoMedii.


Fit To Fly Certificate


A fit to fly certificate of the patient is demanded by all the airlines to certify that the patient’s health condition is stable enough to fly from one country to another. The terms include the ability to fly within the stipulated span of hours without any deterioration in their condition mid-air. Only the applicants who have applied for a medical visa require a fit to fly certificate during their travel.


A fit to fly certificate will be required for both boarding the flight from the patient’s home country as well as during departure from India after treatment. Patients and their medical attendants will not be allowed to board the flight if they cannot produce the certificate.


Vaccination Certificates


While preparing for your journey to India for medical travel, carrying valid vaccination certificates is important. Not every country member requires such documentation. However, a yellow fever vaccination certificate and oral polio vaccination certificate are a mandatory document to be produced during check-in at the airport.


Countries that require an Oral Polio Vaccination Certificate are Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, and Syria.


It is to be noted that the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates should be sanctioned 10 days before travel.


Currency Requirements in India


An important factor that international patients must keep in mind is the currency and the amount of money that they must carry. The maximum limit for an individual to carry cash while coming to India is $5000 USD or its equivalent. Exceeding this, one has to declare it in the Currency Declaration Form at the Customs Authorities in the airport.


Further Important Points to be Noted Prior to Travel to India


During immigration, patients may be asked to provide the address of their accommodation, in India. It is advisable to note down the address of the hotel/guesthouse assigned to you. Get in touch with your GoMedii relationship manager to ensure you know it.


  • Your e-visa will be provided to you with a Medical Visa certificate through your GoMedii representative. Make sure you carry a printed copy.


  • Carry all the medical reports and medical summaries of the patient.


  • Share a picture of the patient and the medical attendants as they start their journey so that our team can identify them easily when they arrive at the airport.


  • Contact your GoMedii team representative in case of any issue, such as locating the exit in the airport or seem to be lost.


Once the patient has taken care of these documents and has safely arrived in India, they’re in the capable hands of the GoMedii team, who will ensure a stress-free stay in India for the patient.


Rest assured, through GoMedii, international patients will be able to pursue Hydrocephalus Treatment in India at affordable costs, easily.


Patient Accommodation in India


GoMedii is the go-to medical treatment partner for many international patients. This is because GoMedii, unlike its competitors, helps its family of international patients every step of the way. From initiating their treatment process in India, assisting with medical visas and paperwork, to booking accommodation, GoMedii does it all for their patients.


When coming to India for your treatment, accommodation will be provided to you through GoMedii, your medical treatment partner. Based on where in India the patient is getting treated, expect comfortable lodgings at a stone’s throw distance from your hospital.


We do our bit to ensure that your journey of healing to India is truly therapeutic in every aspect.


A Comfortable Departure Post-Treatment


A major reason international patients are so grateful to GoMedii and truly satisfied with their experience is due to our constant involvement in the entire process.


Post-treatment, the patient’s recuperation stay as well as travel back to their home country is taken care of by us at GoMedii as well.


With GoMedii taking charge of your journey, you truly need not worry regarding a single aspect of your India journey. Just let your family at GoMedii take care of it, while you focus on wellness!


To know more, get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Hydrocephalus Treatment in India for just $20 USD. Drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724). You may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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