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The changing lifestyle and easy exposure to unhealthy routines, can cause a lot of changes in your sex life as well. One of the international patients who has been suffering from the condition approached us. Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India, happens in various ways and stages.


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As the patient was hesitant in letting us know, we ensured him that there will no lack of attention given to his case and he would be assisted by the best team at GoMedii. At GoMedii our patient and their needs are kept on the highest priority. We helped our patient at every stage and also made him trust our services and allow the privacy that he wanted to maintain.


What is Erectile Dysfunction?


The condition is referred to the continuous inability to achieve or maintain an erection good enough to complete your chosen sexual activity satisfactorily, whether that’s masturbation, oral sex, or vaginal or anal intercourse. The occasional inability to achieve a satisfactory erection doesn’t normally constitute a problem.


This has been a major issue for most of the men being unaware of what the condition might be. While in simple words it can be said that, the lack of achieving and sustaining an erection suitable for sexual intercourse what called erectile dysfunction.


Why Do You Need Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India?


One aspect of the question is the kind of quality that  India serves to the international patients, which in our answer is impeccable. We have the best set of hospitals and sexologist who cater to the patients in all confidence. Also, Erectile dysfunction is an important aspect to deal with, it might not exactly mean impotence, but can cause an obstruction for family planning.


The need for early treatment is also due to the fact that with time there can be further complications and the condition can be worse. Hence, you must choose India and come for treatment. In order to ask for any query regarding the same, you can very well contact us through WhatsApp (+91 9599004311) and email. You can enjoy almost 20$ USD consultation charges for your doctor consultation.


Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction symptoms might include persistent:


  • Trouble getting an erection


  • Trouble keeping an erection


  • Reduced sexual desire


Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction


Major biological reasons lying behind this problem are irregular blood flow in nerves and hormonal disorder. Others can also include high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions. Heart diseases and side effects of some medicines might be the reason for your lessened sexual desire and maintaining an erection.


While there are many such reasons, these points help us explain the various causes of men going through erectile dysfunction. the two basic ones that one must keep in mind is physical and psychological.


Tips to planning a pregnancy with diabetes


Up to 25% of all diabetic men aged 30—34 are affected by ED, as are 75% of diabetic men aged 60—64.


Inadequate blood flow to the penis because arteries have got furred-up (a condition called atherosclerosis) or damaged. This causes about 40% of ED cases in men aged over 50. Smoking cigarettes, which is implicated in up to 80% of ED cases, constricts the blood vessels and is a major cause of damage to the arteries leading to the penis. One little-known cause of damage to key blood vessels is cycling.


Regular heavy drinking


Alcohol and Diabetes A Never Good Enough Match!


Alcohol can damage the nerves leading to the penis, reduce testosterone levels, and increase levels of the female hormone estrogen. The side-effects of prescribed drugs, particularly those used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, peptic ulcers, and cancer. As many as 25% of ED cases may be caused by drugs taken to treat other conditions.


Spinal Stenosis Narrowing of the Spinal Canal


Almost a quarter of men with spinal injury are affected by ED. Prostate gland surgery as well as any of the surgery that might include regions along the pelvis can cause it. The risk of ED depends on the type of surgery, but up to 30% of men who have a radical prostatectomy (the complete removal of the gland affected by cancer) will experience ED.


The main psychological causes of ED are:


  • Relationship conflicts



  • Depression (90% of men affected by depression also have complete or moderate ED)


  • Unresolved sexual orientation


  • Sexual boredom


Do You Have ED Because of Aging?


Well not exactly, while the erectile dysfunction treatment in India can be chosen by any of the age grouped people, there is no such reason for age being an issue. ED doesn’t have to be a part of getting older. While it is true that older men may need more stimulation (such as stroking and touching) to achieve an erection, they should still be able to get an erection and enjoy sex.


What Risk you can be in if you do not have Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India?


In totality will experience an erection problem at least once. This could be due to stress, exhaustion, too much alcohol or simply not feeling like sex. Persistent erectile dysfunction (ED) is estimated to affect about 10% of men at any one time.


Although age itself isn’t a cause of erectile dysfunction (ED), the risk nevertheless increases as you get older: 18% of 50—59-year-olds have trouble with their erections compared with 7% of 18—29-year-olds.


What must you Avoid to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?


Treatment can be the most adverse option that we can offer for erectile dysfunction treatment in India. Rest, on the other hand, you can take some precautions and methods.




Manage Your Blood Pressure





High blood pressure can narrow your blood vessels, lessening blood flow through your body. If less flows to your penis you may find it’s not so easy to get an erection. The idea that the blood flow in the places is the reason for the correction, must be a major concern for you.




Cut Down High Cholesterol


Best and easiest diet plan for cholesterol patient


When cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels, it causes them to narrow, which can slow down your blood flow. That can make it tougher to get or keep an erection.




If You Smoke, Quit


Smokers Must Get Regular Screening For Lung Cancer


Need another reason to kick the habit? Here’s one: Men who smoke are twice as likely to have erection problems as men who don’t. Smoking hurts your sex life because it narrows your blood vessels.


When should You get a Consultation for the Condition?


You can drop in a query at GoMedii as soon as you notice a problem. It is not only important in terms of getting treatment for your ED: it could also be a symptom of other potentially serious conditions. When we speak of that Diabetes and Heart disease too can be a major threat.


One study of 50 men with ED who had sought prescriptions for Viagra found that although none of them had any symptoms of heart disease, six were found to have blockages in all three major heart arteries, seven had two arteries that showed narrowing, and one artery was blocked in another seven. Overall, 40% of the men were at significant risk of angina or a heart attack.


If you are on treatment for a medical or psychiatric problem and you think that this treatment is affecting your sex life tell your doctor. Alternative treatments that may have less likelihood of affecting sexual function are often available.


What Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India will GoMedii Provide You?


GoMedii provides consultation to you before you decide to choose us as your treatment partner. While you can always get help as you want, our doctors will give you options to choose from.


A wide variety of treatments for ED are now available


Sex Therapy


Whatever the cause or treatment of their ED, many men could benefit from counseling or therapy.  When does Will sex therapy work? Sex therapy will be particularly necessary if the ED has psychological causes that can’t actually be “cured” with physical treatments.


If a man has ED as a result of emotional conflict with a partner, for example, providing him with a drug that produces an erection isn’t going to resolve that conflict, in most cases, it has made the entire condition even worse. Men whose ED has a physical cause may also have lost a great deal of self-esteem and sexual confidence which sex therapy could help restore.


It usually makes sense to also involve any permanent partner in sex therapy since the loss, as well as the restoration, of a man’s erectile functioning, will almost inevitably profoundly affect their relationship.


Injection Therapy


This is an effective and reliable way of producing an erection with drugs but, understandably, many men don’t like sticking a needle into their penis every time they have sex. When injected, the drug it actually relaxes the blood vessels and muscles, allowing increased blood flow and producing an erection within 15 minutes.


MUSE (medicated urethral system for erection)


This method also uses alprostadil, but this time it’s administered by means of a small pellet inserted into the urethra, the opening to their penis, via a single-dose, disposable plastic applicator.


Vacuum Pumps


The penis is inserted into a clear plastic cylinder and the air is pumped out, creating a vacuum. The penis fills with blood and, when it’s hard enough, a plastic constricting ring is placed around the base of the penis to trap the blood. While one must be ready in order to try it, there are some expected side effects that men can suffer in this case.


Hormonal Supplements


Testosterone can be given to men in the relatively few cases where low levels are the cause of ED, especially if they also have low sexual desire. Before taking testosterone, always insist that your doctor measures your testosterone level to confirm that it really is low.


Penile Implants


Now that so many other effective treatments have become available, implants are only now used as a last resort. A mechanical device is surgically inserted into the penis. It can be either permanently rigid or have a hydraulic action, operated via a valve in the scrotum.


Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Prevented?


By reducing your risk factors for heart disease, such as getting to or maintaining a desirable weight, eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking, drinking less or no alcohol, keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure in check, and getting more physical activity, you will also be reducing your risk factors for ED.


What is the Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India?


The cost of treatment of Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India is almost 60% cheaper than in any other country of the West. There is no doubt and no second thought over the quality that you find in India. The range of the ED treatment is from 2000USD to 2500USD. This may or may not include your stay and your other expenses.


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Where must you go for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India?


Some of our best-associated hospitals that provide you the quality services in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India, here are:


Artemis Health Institute (AHI)


source: Artemis hospital


Well established with a NABH Accredited Artemis Hospital is one of the finest and the best Brain Tumor Surgery Hospital in India. It hosts a 300-bed tertiary care super-specialty flagship hospital. Artemis aims at creating an integrated world-class healthcare system by leveraging the best medical practices backed by cutting-edge technology.


Fortis Hospital


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One of India’s leading tertiary level healthcare groups, Fortis comprises a network of 12 hospitals with a bed capacity of 1803 beds and 12 Heart Command Centers. Fortis also boasts to be one of the best Brain Tumor Surgery hospitals in India.


Apart from this, it is worth mentioning that Fortis operates one of the world’s largest Cardiac programs. It is not wrong to say, it is the place where Medical Value Travel is truly valuable. It is a place where patient caring is warm and sensitive to your needs. The overall experience leaves you with very pleasant memories.






It is a group of multi-super specialties institutes that are led by exceptional medical practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields. Spread across 43 acres, the institute includes a research center, medical and nursing school. It has 1250 beds and over 350 critical care beds with 45 operation theatres catering to over 20 specialties. Medanta integrates modern and traditional forms of medicine to provide accessible and affordable healthcare.


Apollo Hospital


Pursue Life-Changing Hepatitis C Treatment in India


A well-known name, Apollo hospital is a super specialty, state-of-the-art hospital with 300 beds. This hospital has highly trained nursing, allied health, technical and administrative personnel for more efficient diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. Specialists keep abreast of the latest discoveries in medicine and apply modern techniques when treating patients.


How do I get hold of a Medical Visa In India?


The E-Medical Visa for India is an online travel authorization for foreign nationals who wish to seek medical treatment in the country. A medical Indian visa allows the holder to enter the country a total of 3 times.


The e-Medical visa is a short term visa granted for medical treatment reasons. This type of visa is only granted to the patient and not to family members. Blood relatives can obtain the medical attendant visa to accompany the e-Medical visa holder.


How does a medical Visa work?


Nowadays, everything is online. You tend to make it easier and quicker. For this, you must know how the medical visa or the e-Visa works in the case of India. This way you might be clear also about what paper required for a medical Visa in India.


Obtaining a Medical visa is a straightforward process. Eligible travelers who wish to receive medical treatment can easily complete the application providing a few essential details which include their full name, date, and place of birth, address, contact info, and passport data.


All applicants must answer a series of security questions and pay the Indian e-Medical visa fee with a debit or credit card. Once approved, the e-Visa for medical purposes will be sent to the applicant’s email address.


The procedure of Visa form filling to come for treatment in India


You need the following requirement and follow these procedures to get your Visa done! Check and see what you have got yourself cleared with.


  1. The online application form is meant for those foreigners who are applying for a visa from outside India. Each online application form is meant for one person only. A separate application has to be filed for each applicant.
  1. Furnish information exactly in the manner asked for in the forms, especially the names, addresses, and dates of birth. Applicants are required to verify the application details before submitting the online application.
  1. They have an option to save the online application form, in case it is not to be submitted.
  1. Once the online application form is submitted by the applicant, then further modifications are not allowed. Hence applicants are requested to check and validate the details before submitting the online application form.
  1. Applicants are requested to keep the Application Id (generated automatically after the submission of the online form) for further communications.

Application Process


Once you have applied, to know how to get an appointment date for an Indian visa, you must know the process of your application as well. Hence, once when that is done, you are good to go. In most cases, the embassy is responsible if you are traveling from outside. The Indian mission, in particular, is the place where your appointment is scheduled. Here is the process of the same:


  • An applicant shall access the Visa Application system online through the following link:


  • Applicant visits the above-mentioned web link and selects the Indian Mission from where he intends to apply for the Visa from the tab Select Mission.


  • Applicant fills the application on-line as per the forms standardized by the Ministry. After filling the form and submitting it, the system shall automatically generate an Application Id.


  • Applicants are requested to keep this Application Id for further communications with the concerned Indian Mission.


  • The system will automatically ask the Applicant for the following confirmation: Select ‘Yes’ if the applicant wants to seek an appointment and make payment online or ‘No’ if the applicant just wants to print the submitted application form.


How to Get an Appointment Date for an Indian Visa?


After you are done filling the application and going through the above-mentioned procedures, you will be asked and as per your convenience, you can choose your date and timing for the same. The applicant can schedule the appointment as per his/ her convenience with the concerned Indian Mission. Each applicant to schedule a separate appointment with the Indian Mission.


Do you Get Accommodation by choosing GoMedii?


While you might pay in dollars for substandard accommodation, in India you find the best of the accommodation at an affordable cost. With one of the best hospitality businesses in working, Indian cities have the most comfortable stay for international travelers. It encompasses almost, all the price levels. So, you get the 5 stars as well as comfy and cozy guesthouses on a great budget across the nation.


While there is no doubt that India has one of the finest facilities to host international patients across the globe. When you are landing in India, at GoMedii our interpreter and relationship manager take on to your requirements and make sure we provide you exactly what you want. Yet, apart from the trust that we as a company build for our international patients, there are major aspects that might want you to choose India for the perfect stay.


Get your 3-star and 5-star hotels at better prices, and with more comfort. We offer you options in every bracket and that can help you get the comfort to make you feel at home.


Why Must You Choose GoMedii?


Assisting our patients with prescription fulfillment and medicine fulfillment is a big part of our operation. Building a better and trustful association involves an Online consultation facility for both domestic and international patients. We become their treatment partner and break the barriers that they face of language, finance, and culture.


Our mobile application that caters to people across countries with the multi-lingual feature of the same, defines our approach of providing pre-treatment and post-treatment to our customers and giving them the hospitality that they deserve by forming a strong bond.


Our operations involve a very systematically laid down algorithm. We facilitate our patients with a Virtual and online pharmacy that is trusted by many. There are numerous trusted pharmacy and medical experts who we are associated with to provide legitimate and authenticate medicines.


The team at GoMedii works to ensure a therapeutic experience for the patient by curating all the solutions of treatment and medical experience that they witness in India. Breaking the language barrier to establish a trusted online market presence, we have brought a revolution to the patient care management technology, by connecting patients to a leading network of healthcare providers.


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