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When you feel nausea, loss of appetite pale skin or eyes, or abdominal pain within the upper right side of your belly, it is often a symbol of liver disease. If not treated, liver disease can result in cirrhosis of the liver which could be a hazardous disease. If you detect it within the early stages, it may be treated easily, during this article, we’ll enlight you about affordable Fatty Liver Disease Treatment in India.


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What is fatty liver?


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Fatty liver occurs as a result of the deposition of fat within the liver. it’s caused by diabetes, obesity, and increased cholesterol. Other common causes of liver disease will be steroids, alcohol, and a few other drugs.


Females having an irregular oscillation or diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease also are at a better risk to develop liver disease. Diabetic or overweight patients can develop easily in people that consume an excessive amount of alcohol.


Get liver disease Treatment in India


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Symptoms of liver disease


If you have got a liver disease you face some issues or feel some changes in your body, these include:



Alcoholic disease (ALD) vs Non-alcoholic liver disease Disease (NAFLD)


A healthy liver contains about 10% of its weight in fat cells. If it’s over that percentage, your liver is taken into account liver disease. This condition can cause scarring and inflammation of the liver. This scarring interferes with the functioning of the liver.


Overweight people, people with type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, high vital sign, or high cholesterol are at higher risk to develop this disease.


When someone consumes an excessive amount of alcohol he’s more likely in danger of alcoholic liver disease, the excessive consumption throughout the years of alcohol results in the fat buildup. Alcoholic liver disease is more likely to show into, serious and life-threatening health conditions, like cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis.


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How is the liver disease diagnosed?


Fatty liver may be diagnosed by blood tests and ultrasound. Liver biopsy is the gold standard but not required always. Newer modalities like MR elastography are available, which might non-invasively give information on the stage of liver damage thanks to fat. Both are non-invasive. One should also do sugars and measure insulin resistance to test for pre-diabetes. ECG and lipid profile are recommended to test for cardiovascular disease.


Ultrasound or CT (CT scan) to urge an image of the liver


  • Liver biopsy (tissue sample) to work out how far the advanced disease has progressed.
  • Fibro Scan, a specialized ultrasound sometimes used rather than a liver biopsy to search out the quantity of fat and connective tissue within the liver.


How is it treated?


Treatment of liver disease within the early stage is like a policy because it reduces the incidence of diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, and advanced liver damage. Since prevention is best than cure, the simplest way is to screen for liver disease in a young population with a case history of diabetes, heart problems, or cirrhosis. If the damage is detected at an early stage, it’s possible to halt the progression and reverse it to a standard healthy liver, because the liver can regenerate.


In a few cases, soft-tissue imaging sort as a CT scan will be accustomed accurately diagnosing the condition. Need a diagnosis for Hernia Treatment in Delhi NCR, Contact us now!

Cost of liver disease treatment in India


The average cost of liver disease treatment in India is USD 14,000 to USD 45,000.


Hospitals for liver disease treatment


These are one of the best hospitals for the treatment of liver diseases. 



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