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According to various research, an estimated 36,068 people were diagnosed with penile cancer in 2020. If you need cost-effective treatments related to penile cancer and gender affirmation, India is one of your best choices.


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What is Penectomy Surgery?


It is an operation-based approach to remove parts of the penis affected by cancer. Penectomy Surgery has gained popularity due to its high success rates in penile cancer treatment. Gender affirmation is also one of the parts of Penectomy Surgery that helps people transition to their self-identified gender.


There are two types of Penectomy Surgery In India such as:


1. Partial Penectomy

An organ-preserving surgery done in cases where the glans and distal penis are affected with carcinoma. After the glans are no longer there and the penis size decreases, a small opening will still be there as a urine passage.



2. Total Penectomy

The procedure involving the removal of the entire penis, including the pelvis, through penectomy is known as total penectomy or radical penectomy. It is reserved for high-grade penile cancer.


3. Emasculation

Cancer seldom spreads to the point that surgeons have to remove the scrotum, testicles, and penis. Because the testicles create the majority of the testosterone in the body, any man who has undergone this procedure will require hormone replacement medication for the rest of his life.


Penectomy Surgery For Gender Affirmation


Penectomy may also be done as a gender affirmation surgery, also known as gender confirmation surgery, for transgender women or nonbinary people who don’t want to keep their penis.


Penectomy surgery is one of the essential procedures for gender transition and is mainly performed to distinguish gender identity.


Gender affirmation includes the complete removal of external genitals (gender nullification), which includes the removal of the penis, scrotum, and testicles in males. This process depends upon the person’s choice.


Some may have chosen to feminize their genitals; in this case, the surgeon will preserve tissue for the vulva and vagina.


Tests Before Penectomy


You have tests before your operation to check:


  • Your fitness for an anesthetic
  • That you’ll make a good recovery from surgery


You might have some or all of the following tests:


  • Blood tests to check your general health and how well your kidneys are working
  • A swab test to rule out some infections
  • An ECG to check that your heart is healthy
  • Breathing tests (called lung function tests)
  • An echocardiogram (a painless test of your heart using sound waves)
  • A chest x-ray to check that your lungs are healthy
  • A test to check your heart and lung function when you’re resting and exercising (called a cardio pulmonary exercise test)


Penectomy Surgery In India


Penectomy is mainly performed in case of penile cancer, which is a collection of malignant or cancerous cells on the surface tissue or inside the penis.


Other Penectomy treatments include:


  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Medication or various drugs


Two approaches can be applied while performing a penectomy, such as:


  • Removal of the scrotum and lymph node (when cancer invades deep tissue).
  • Emasculation (removal of penis and testicles)


In some cases, sentinel lymph nodes also get affected, and doctors will inject a radioactive dye close to the cancer to identify the problem related to the sentinel node. The sentinel lymph node is the first node to which cancer will likely spread. If the cancer is found, then the other lymph will be taken out as well.


In the case of a lymph node, an incision is required to extract for evaluation.


Early cancer stages offer various options for treatment, such as:


  • Mohs surgery
  • Wide excision
  • Wartial penectomy


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Penectomy Procedure Steps


  • A doctor will normally place a person under general anesthetic before the surgery begins. A person may also receive a dose of antibiotics. This can reduce a person’s chances of infection.


  • The surgeon cuts away any tumors from the penis. This may involve a partial, total, or radical penectomy.


  • If a person has a partial penectomy, the surgeon may take skin from the person’s thigh to attach to the remaining penis.


  • The surgeon will pass the urethra through the skin graft on the shaft of the penis during a partial penectomy.


  • During a total or radical penectomy, a surgeon makes a new hole for a person to urinate through. This new hole is located on the perineum. The perineum is the area between a person’s scrotum and anus.


  • After closing up the wound, a surgeon places a catheter inside a person’s urethra. This allows a person to urinate while their wounds heal.


  • The surgeon applies a firm dressing to the wound to reduce bruising and swelling during healing.


Benefits of Penectomy Surgery in India


  • This surgery helps in maintaining a new lifestyle; in the case of gender affirmation, your physical body starts matching your gender identity.
  • Penectomy Surgery gives you a high chance of survival after penile cancer.
  • Longer remission period or complete treatment of the cancer


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Complications Of Penectomy Surgery


There are certain risk factors of the surgery, such as:


  • Bleeding
  • Risk of infections
  • Adverse effects of anesthesia
  • Blood clots


Penectomy Surgery Cost In India


Penectomy Surgery Cost in India ranges between USD 1,000 – and USD 2,500, depending upon the cancer stage and the hospital facility chosen.


Top Penectomy Suregry Hospitals In India


There are many renowned hospitals in India specializing in penectomy. GoMedii has compiled an exhaustive list of the top 10 penectomy surgery hospitals in India for your convenience.


  1. Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
  2. Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
  3. Lilavati Hospital And Research Center, Mumbai
  4. Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Mumbai
  5. Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram
  6. Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad
  7. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  8. Venkateshwar Hospital, New Delhi
  9. MGM Healthcare, Chennai
  10. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram
  11. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket Delhi, Delhi NCR


FAQs On Penectomy Surgery Cost In India


1. What happens after a total penectomy?


Males may experience infertility because the seminal vesicle will be removed, responsible for semen production. And the opening between your anus and your scrotum for passing urine will be there as urine passage.


2. How long is a penectomy surgery?


This procedure usually takes 2-3 hours under the influence of general or regional anesthesia, along with favorable conditions.


3. What are the psychological effects of penectomy?


Several observations concluded that the patient who went through penectomy may frequently feel depression, anxiety, and anger issues.


4. What is the difference between total penectomy and radical penectomy?


Total penectomy involves the removal of the end of the penis, mainly used for small penile tumors. In contrast, partial penectomy removes the entire penis and urethra to treat large penile tumors.


5. What is the penectomy surgery cost in India?


Penectomy Surgery Cost in India ranges between USD 1,000 – and USD 2,500, depending upon the cancer stage and the hospital facility chosen.


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